What’s Happened to the Internet

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, the internet is social media, social media is not part of the internet. The game has totally changed in the last couple of years and businesses trying to get started need to be aware of how completely the game has changed.

Social network profiles are essential to all businesses. This is where customers are trying to find you. They want to check you out, complain to you, see what your culture is, whether they can trust you.

It’s important to maintain an up to date presence in all social networks to let people see you are current, relevant, available and ready to help them if they need a question answered or a complaint addressed.

The social in social network is an important distinction from content. People like interacting. They want to feel heard, appreciated, that their business means something to you and your company. This takes time and it’s often time you just don’t have.

I have. This is what I do. I engage, comment, analyse, depict, trend acknowledgement, complaint management, compliment leverage, culture management and cultivation – it’s all on social networks and if you aren’t your business will be taken over by those who are.

Got a Facebook Page already? Great. When was the last time you posted or returned a comment and thanked someone for liking your page? These things are important and you ignore them at your peril.

Let me help you stay connected with your customers and get your message out there about what you do best – and let me do what I do best – help you.

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