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I just finished watching 40 hours of Snapchat. This equates to 14,400 snaps (approx) across over 1500 snapchat accounts. Why did I do this? Market research. What did I find? So much.

Everyone is talking about Snapchat as the next big thing and the monster eating all of the attention of everyone but mainly the coveted millennials (16-24ish depending on who you listen to). I can’t find the article I wrote (it might be on Medium now I think about it) that talked about how the shift from Facebook was starting and that Snapchat was going to be the next big thing. That was 2014 when I joined so I could chat with my kids who could not get their faces out of it. That’s how I knew. Watch the kids.


So the battle for attention is on and if you’re looking to be captivated on Snapchat, I have to say, you won’t last there long unless you’re one of the few business/brands that ‘get it’ and are doing a brilliant job at entertainment. Engagement is another matter altogether. Followers does not equal engagement. Engagement is action. Whether it’s a like, a text, a hey, a share. That’s the gold right there.


Hundreds and hundreds of snaps were almost identical – so many cats on heads, feet walking, big eyes and vomiting mouths. Hundreds of them.


Then there were the social media experts telling me how great they were and what they did here and there and how big their business is growing and………swipe.


Some of these same social media experts who proclaim engagement as the new messiah actually blocked me for saying hi and introducing myself and touching base. They say “Snap me let you know what you think” (but don’t take up my precious time).


Time is the commodity. It took me a LOT actually HUGE amount of time to get through the amount of Snaps I did which really made me think, how much content can we and the market actually bear? If Snapchat takes all the attention that the marketers would have you believe, the planet is doomed my friend.


The message, as always, is the key to success. Not how great you are at what you do. Not how well you can use filters. Your WHY. Why are you even on Snapchat – because everyone else is?


Snapchat is different for everyone. I used it for a couple of years just with me and the kids. And like a lot of social platforms, all the while I was mucking around with my kids, a whole world was at work on the damn thing that is only now really becoming apparent. Why is that? Because it’s so hard to find people on Snapchat. Try finding quality, it will take you just as much time as I’ve spent the last few days.


What I really learned though is how it can be used for businesses if used well but I don’t know if it’s the panacea for all things attention that market ‘experts’ would have you believe. It’s an avenue. You have to engage in the whole internet not just one platform and the message has to be consistent across all of it.

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