6 Steps To Getting Online

You’ve chosen your market. Got your product. Now you just have to execute. This is where the minefield starts and I can come in to help.

There are a lot of people out there who do what I do and charge a lot more and do a lot less. I love seeing people’s dream become a reality on the internet and I have the skills to help make that happen. So this is what you need to do:

1. Get a domain name registered. I use Bluehost because over time they have proven to be the most reliable.
2. Host your domain. Again I use Bluehost
3. Install WordPress – You can do this through Bluehost CPanel. If you’re lost – you need me to help you do it.
4. Install plugins to help optimise your site – Don’t know which ones you need? If you added anything while installing WordPress for $49.00 you just wasted your money.
5. Configure your site name, meta tags, permalinks, plugins, ping list, menu options, – Lost? You need me.
6. Start posting using SEO rich titles and long tail keywords – yep I know about those too.

Don’t be scared off by what you don’t know. Recognise that there are others who do and can help you for a reasonable price.

Get in touch. Let’s talk about what you need

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